Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chile's Thrust Fault- 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake

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I sadly report that an 8.2 magnitude earthquake has struck the coast of Chile, prompting evacuations and tsunami warnings.  At 5:04pm Pacific Standard Time, a quake from the San Ramon thrust fault line resulted in at least one initial small tsunami of about 6 feet.

This fault line, which is a thrust fault line much like the one that caused the 2011 Tohoku tsunamis, is quite active and has caused a range of quakes from mild to severe in the last few decades.

A tsunami alert has been issued for Chile, Ecuador and Peru, and all coastal areas are being evacuated as best as possible. 

More soon.  For information on thrust faults and other fault lines, visit these blog posts:

A thrust faultline forces a wall of water upwards and towards shore. Sciencythoughts.blogspot.com

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