If you have been following my blog, or the news relating to the Japanese tsunami debris, you may be wondering how you can get involved and make a difference on your local beaches.

I have compiled a list of volunteer organizations and opportunities that you can get involved in. If you know of any that I have forgotten, please email me at marinecowgirl@gmail.com.  Thanks!

Volunteer Resources


SOLVE - SOLVE is a non-profit organization that brings together Oregon volunteers for environmental opportunities, including tree planting, beach cleanups, water cleanups, and community involvement.  They host cleanups regularly and are always looking for volunteers.

Oregon Marine Debris Team - The Oregon Marine Debris Team is a collaborative effort between Surfrider, Washed Ashore, Oregon Shores, Sea Grant, and SOLVE.  All of these organizations work to keep Oregon's shores free of marine debris.  They have a newsletter and informational resources that are worth taking a look at.  Their site also hosts a calendar for those who would like to volunteer.


Surfrider Foundation - The Surfrider Foundation is a volunteer organization that is dedicated to protecting the enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches across the globe.  They have chapters in many coastal communities, including four in Oregon.  Their website is updated with volunteer and membership opportunities for cleanups and community events. 


Oregon Shores Coastwatch Program - The Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition is dedicated to maintaining the beauty and natural value of Oregon's beaches and shorelines. They regularly host beach cleanups, workshops, and have a variety of marine debris resources.  Adopt a mile of beach!

Debris Reporting - Please view my Debris Resources page to see what you can do if you spot debris!

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