Thursday, October 3, 2013

Presentation: Creatures from the Japanese dock and debris, and how to ID them

Those of you near Newport, Oregon, may be familiar with Science on Tap- a way for local scientists to share their research with the public in a casual, conversational setting- with beer.
The famous 'tsunami dock' still garners questions and public fascination more than a year after its appearance on Oregon's shores. [Photo: Rick Bowmer, AP]

I would argue this is probably the optimal way of sharing your research, and for that reason, I would recommend all who are interested in marine debris to attend Dr. Ralph Breitenstein's presentation next Monday, October 7 at Twisted Snout Brewery in Toledo, Oregon. 

The talk will take place at 6pm (doors open at 5:30), and the presentation is titled "Creatures from Japan via tsunami docks, floats, and boats - and how to identify them." 

Dr. Breitenstein is currently a volunteer working with Dr. John Chapman at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and has been examining and cataloging creatures that have washed up on tsunami debris.  The presentation will be very informative, and will have samples of creatures that have washed ashore.

Non-native shore crab that washed ashore in Oregon [Photo: Hatfield Marine Science Center]

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