Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OBC Celebrates 10,000 page views!

Thank you to all my loyal readers- it has been a joy to watch this blog succeed in the last year.  OBC's readership has expanded from a few interested parties in the Pacific Northwest (and of course, my supportive friends and family), to readers in more than 10 countries!

This couldn't work without you!

What can you expect from OregonBeachcomber in the future?
  • Continued coverage of tsunami and marine debris in the Pacific Northwest
  • Diversified topics, including oceanography, climate events, and biology of our oceans
  • An expanded database of items washed ashore
  • Coastal events in the Oregon area
  • Continued volunteer opportunities on our beloved Oregon coast
  • Collaboration with marine debris networks to bring you the most recent developments in research and marine science. 

Here are some of my favorite posts so far-
61- Foot Monster  - Original Coverage of the Tsunami Dock that washed ashore in Newport, Oregon
Who Said Modeling was Easy? - Why can't NOAA tell us exactly where tsunami debris is?
Hitch-Hiking Fish: A Biological Rarity - Why don't more fish make it across the Pacific?
Invasion of the Seafoam - Last winter, seafoam flooded the coastal towns of Australia. Why did this happen?
The Motorcycle that Crossed the Pacific - A Harley Davidson finds its way across and ocean- and into a museum
The Mechanics of Drifting on the Open Sea - The long journey tsunami debris must take before it ends up on North American shores.

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