Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another Ghost Washes Ashore

Another Ghost Boat
Long Beach, Washington seems to be especially good at accumulating tsunami debris these days (See my map of archived debris)

In the continuation of this, another ghost vessel has washed up on the Long Beach shoreline as of last week.  The 18-foot vessel is currently in the process of being confirmed as tsunami debris.  Upon clearance of mussels, algae, and barnacles on the bow, Japanese writing and an identification number that appears to read: IT3 - 43282 was legible.

More as it arrives.

Photo by EcologyWA /
The 18-foot vessel that washed up on Long Beach, WA last week. [Photo: Washington Department of Ecology]

Another Soccer Ball Found
The soccer ball that washed up almost a year ago in Middleton Beach, Alaska made countless headlines, as the writing on the ball traced it back to a victim of the 2011 tsunamis.  Now, another soccer ball has been found, along with other confirmed debris from the disaster during a venture by environmental activist project, the Ikkatsu Project.  The Ikkatsu Project has produced a film entitled  'Roadless Coast', which takes place on the 70+ mile roadless route in northern Washington. The film details the expedition of a team of kayakers which explore the Roadless Coast in search of debris from the tsunami.  Many items were found, including a soccer ball, float, bouys, lumber, children's potty seat, a washer and dryer, medicines, and various other objects.

Some of the flotsam found by the Ikkatsu Project's kayak journey. [Photo: Ikkatsu Project]

To learn more about the Ikkatsu Project, visit their webpage

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