Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two Boats: More Possible Debris?

This just in, bloggers!

Boat washes ashore in Southern Oregon
Another piece of large debris has washed up near Coos Bay, Oregon.  It is yet another boat, with writing on it that could pinpoint its port of origin.

It is yet to be determined whether this is tsunami debris or not- more soon!

Possible tsunami debris washes up on Oregon Coast
Newly-washed up boat near Coos Bay, Oregon {Photo: BLM}

Thanks to my ever-diligent debris source for this.

Boat washed ashore in Hawaii confirmed as tsunami debris
A 28-foot boat that washed ashore in Oahu, Hawaii has been confirmed as tsunami debris.  The boat was spotted last week by a fisherman, who tried to tow the boat inshore but couldn't.  It washed up a few days later- early this week- on the Kahuku Golf Course.  It indeed had Japanese writing on it, and according to reports has been confirmed as JTMD (Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris)

28-foot boat washed ashore in Hawaii.  Better photo when one is available. []

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