Sunday, August 26, 2012

Washington State Task Forces

Due to increased volumes of debris, Washington State has established a number of tsunami debris resources.
I will post these here and also add them to the 'Resources' page (link on the right side of the page).

Washington has created what is called State Marine Debris Task Force, headed by the Military's Emergency Management Division.

A toll-free number has been established for those who find marine debris, either relating the tsunami or not:
1 (800) 922-6278

 Those who find non-hazardous debris (plastic, styrofoam, and other small manmade materials) are encouraged to remove and dispose of them.

If you find tsunami-related debris that is not easily removable, please take a photo, note the location, and email the information to:

Also interesting is the News Portal that the state has established:

The beautiful Olympic coast of Washington State. Photo courtesy of National Geographic.

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