Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another boat?

Several months after the last vessel was reported as washing up on North American shores, a new boat has washed up on a Long Beach, BC beach.

Tofino is located on the mid-Southern coast of Vancouver Island. []

After a series of typhoon-related storms in the Pacific, a boat drifted ashore on Sunday, October 6 in Tofino.  The boat is approximately 20 feet long, and was covered in pelagic gooseneck barnacles- common occurrence on existing tsunami debris that has been floating in the ocean for a long period of time.

Karla Robison (District of Ucleulet) scrapes pelagic gooseneck barnacles off the skiff.  Photo: John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail

This happening is likely to be echoed in coming months, as winter storms pick up and wash heavier objects inshore in the Pacific Northwest.   Stay tuned!

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