Sunday, April 28, 2013

First Piece of Tsunami Debris Confirmed in California

Surprisingly, the first widely-reported piece of news in weeks is really not news at all.  However, I wanted to revisit the story here.

The boat that was washed away ashore in Crescent City, California on April 7th has now been officially categorized as the 27th piece of confirmed tsunami debris by the Japanese government and NOAA.  The boat was discovered with writing that linked it to Takata High School in the city of Rikuzentakata, Japan.  Upon its discovery, the school was called and and an instructor immediately recognized the vessel as belonging to his school, and that it was in fact washed away in the tsunami. 

It has taken several weeks for the boat to be officially confirmed as tsunami debris, through verification by NOAA, the school, and the Japanese Consulate. 

California Tsunami Debris
The Takata High School boat, now officially confirmed as tsunami debris. [Photo: AP/Bryant Anderson]

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